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Czech Republic

Bacrie z.s. (CZ)

Křivolík shows the development of human history, from the advent of modern man (Homo sapiens sapiens) (36,000 B

Archeopark Prášily (CZ)

The Keltoi association is a civil society aiming at developing social activities and education for children and youngsters. For this purpose, they have constructed a Celtic settlement (5th – 1st century BC) near Prášily (Šumava) where they organise short and long stays and focus partly on the technique of the Iron Age...

Villa Nova Uhřínov (CZ)

In the foothills of the Orlické mountains, the association Villa Nova started constructing an archaeological open air museum in 1993. There are a few houses, a smithy, a pottery workshop, kilns, a tar extracting site, all based on archaeological sites in the region, dating to the 13th and 14th century...

Curia Vítkov (CZ)

Curia Vitkov is run by an association of about 20 volunteers. The area of 2 hectares exists of a crafts village with 3 houses and 4 other constructions (e.g. forgery, shed with baking oven). Besides that, there is the Curia which exists of a nobleman’s house, 2 tower gates and palisade and...

Archeopark Všestary (CZ)

Association for experimental archaeology, project Osada Všestary, connected to the University of Hradec Králové. First higher education centre for experimental archaeology. With much attention for their Neolithic project Monoxylon...

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