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Terra Ibèrica Festival 2015

Event date: 
Friday, 24 July, 2015 to Saturday, 1 August, 2015
Kind of Event: 
for Public

Jaciment Arqueològic L'Esquerda (CAT)

The site l’Esquerda represents the Iberian Era (5th – 1st century BC) as well as the period between the 7th and 14th century AD. The area presented is the Plana de Vic, and the valley of the river Ter, all 70 km north from Barcelona, in the inner lands of Catalonia...

La Ciutadella Ibérica de Calafell (CAT)

The Iberian Citadel of Calafell is a centre of experimental archaeology, an archaeological open-air museum where visitors can see what life was like in the Iron Age 2,500 years ago. It is the first archaeological site in the Iberian Peninsula to have been reconstructed by...

Parc Arqueològic de Sant Llorenç de Montgai (CAT)

The educational Parc Arqueològic de Sant Llorenç de Montgai in Catalonia is an educational and leisure installation designed by the CEPAP (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) to bring schoolchildren and families closer to prehistoric ways of life...

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